42. Make Job Aids

Overview: Job-aids are any materials making a job easier. Job-aids are useful to supplement training or to use as a reference while doing work. This task determines if job-aids are needed to make the change initiative successful. Job-aids are developed and distributed.

Considerations: Avoid limiting ideas of job-aids. Job-aids can be anything. Job-aids might include a plastic template, a counting rod, a poster, a recording system. Try not to limit job-aids to paper. Unadvisedly, they can sometimes be expensive and unnecessary. Job-aids are an advantage only if they offer genuine help. Paper-based job-aids may be a good option if the process will be learned and mastered quickly. Creation of job-aids is often a very creative endeavor. Who has experience creating useful job-aids? What areas of the training are the most complex? Why might a job-aid be useful during the training, and after the training?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task creates hand-outs that are useful both during the training and after the employees begin the new processes.”
  • Decide if a job-aid is needed to make the change initiative successful. Ask questions such as: Will a job-aid make an employee more productive? More effective?
  • Gather existing documents, notes, or procedures available.
  • Brainstorm ideas for potential job-aids. Enlist some creative people, including a graphic artist.
  • Make a rough draft of the ideas and ask target audience for feedback.
  • Make necessary revisions.
  • Arrange appropriate resources and assess how much time is needed to produce job-aids for all employees.
  • Gain management approval.
  • Coordinate distribution of job-aids with the implementation and training.

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