• Construction of Buildings
  • Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • Specialty Trade Contractors

The construction industry includes architectural and civil engineering. It requires intensive use of manpower and machinery. Construction includes making buildings and assembling infrastructure such as a road, bridge, pipeline, or similar distribution systems. Large scale construction requires keen project management with ongoing involvement from design engineers, and other specialists.

Effective planning is essential to the successful execution. Consideration of environmental impacts, and stakeholder approval/involvement are important. Scheduling, budgeting, site safety, availability of materials, logistics, and similar factors must be well planned and well managed.

Use of organized labor, contract labor, sub-contracting organizations, as well as non-unionized employees can present some complexities in the execution of the construction process. Except for small initiatives, an understanding of these complexities can be important to success.

Access to equipment, (frequently leased from supporting entities), is also an important consideration. Materials required for the construction itself are subject to transportation and logistic issues, cost variations influenced by global supply and demand, and government control. The procurement function takes a crucial role within the construction industry.

Because the customer of a major construction project can be private organizations or governmental agencies, keen attention toward requirements, restrictions, and other covenants may play a part in the way a particular project is structured, financed, and performed.

Emerging topics for the construction industry include concepts of “Green Building” and LEED certification/accreditation. Other services often provided by construction organizations include: Preconstruction Consulting; Program Management; Construction Management; Design-Build and Finance; and sometimes Building Maintenance.

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