Staff Augmentation


Augmentation means to strengthen, increase, or reinforce.  Staff augementation is just that – strengthening, increasing, or reinforcing your organization’s staff or human capital talent.  Thousands of staffing companies exist – and our staff augmentation services are similar to some of these.  A difference is the depth, breadth, and quality of service delivery our independent consultants bring with them.  You might call this “rent-a-MBA“.

Staff augmentation is frequently for short term, critical need work.  Another common reason for staff augmentation is when there is budget available for additional resources, but there are company limits placed on headcount additions.

Our staff augmentation services include traditional temporary placement of professionals to fill a temporary role – but also, our services offer an attractive alternative for high-levels of skills at commodity pricing.

Examples of staff augmentation
  • Business analysis
  • Team facilitation
  • Communication planning
  • Technical analysis
  • Financial analysis
Contrast this approach

vs. strategic staffing Staff augmentation is a great solution when a generalized needs to be filled for a temporary period of time.  Because these services are comparatively “generalist” in nature, the client-manager often oversees the work.  Analyst consultants deliver the work, often in the form of deliverables such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel models, documentation, or technical modules.  In contrast, in strategic staffing, the consultant is brought in for a specific type of expertise. Generalist vs specialist. 

vs.  Staff augmentation typically assumes the consultant is on-site to perform the work. offers high-caliber talent working remote and off-site. services may be a viable alternative to some staff augmentation needs. On location vs virtual.  

Customer tools

Important steps to undertake prior to investing in staff augmentation

  • Clarify the type of work needing to be accomplished
  • Identify the responsible manager or supervisor for the role
  • Consider drafting a set of target competencies for the role

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