Small Teams


Assembling the right small team, comprised of top talent with experience from the best well-known service firms sets us apart from traditional staffing agencies. Small teams typically range from 3 to 10 resources.  One umbrella agreement simplifies the customer’s sourcing processes providing one set of overall objectives to the team, rather than managing several individual contributors.

Examples of small teams
  • ERP database initialization.  Populate data for testing or prior to go-live.
  • Interim backoffice.  New office start-up or during location transition.
  • Web traffic management. Knowledge transfer from experts on SEO techniques.
  • Training team. Design, develop and deliver training as part of larger project.
Contrast this approach

vs. quick win Small team service delivery may last from a few weeks to beyond a year.  In contrast quick win projects typically complete within 3 months or less.

vs. staff augmentation Small teams service delivery typically has a defined set of objectives, or scope of work.  In contrast staff augmentation is frequently more about staffing a role – not delivery to a scope of work.  Small team service delivery provides the client with a single point of contact for several resources rather than individual management of several independent contractors.

Customer tools

Important steps to undertake prior to engaging a small team

  • Identify the body of work needing to be accomplished
  • Compare the pros/cons of a small teams vs. multiple independent contractors


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