Quick Win Projects


A quick-win project typically takes from 8-16 weeks to complete.  Most cost less than $250,000 in total expense.  An immediate value or benefit is realized from a successfully executed quick-win project.  Business benefits ideally result in new revenue or eliminated cost.  Sometimes a less tangible benefit may be the outcome – such as completing a pilot-test or preparing a team for a larger initiative.

Examples of quick win projects (increase revenue)
  • Marketing plan.  Re-allocate marketing dollars to where they yield business results.
  • Customer segmentation.  Identify highest value customers for additional revenue.
  • Product category assessment. Identify cross-selling opportunities for slow movers.
Examples of quick win projects (decrease cost)
  • Process improvement.  Apply BPI to use fewer resources for the job at-hand.
  • Organization design.  Reallocate headcount to crucial roles.
  • IV&V.  Independently validate a program, or process to identify risk and waste.
Examples of quick win projects (preparation for big-project)

Customer tools

Important steps to undertake prior to launching a quick hit project include

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