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Identifying and providing project team members under one umbrella agreement is somewhat of a combination of staff augmentation, strategic staffing, and small teams.  This service is most applicable to large-scale projects or programs where multiple small teams make up the larger team.  ERP initiatives in particular benefit from this type of service.

Examples of project team member services
  • Multiple roles contributing to different workstreams within an ERP implementation
  • Field operations training on-location at several regional locations
  • Global supply chain re-engineering needing SME’s, BA’s, and data analysts
Contrast this approach

vs. staff augmentation … Team member services provide multiple resources to an overall effort.  This services provides the client with an umbrella agreement allowing each role (team member) to roll-on the project when needed.  Both generalists (staff augmentation) and specialists (strategic staffing) may be included.  One agreement covers multiple roles vs one agreement per role.

vs. strategic staffing  Team member services provide additional cost savings to the client for those difficult to find experts required through strategic staffing.  The cost of managing an umbrella agreement for multiple roles is typically less than the collective cost of issuing agreements for individuals roles.  Cost savings are passed on to the client when possible.  Project team services costs for high-demand resources are frequently lower compared to the strategic staffing option.

vs. small team … Team member services allow each role to have a specific start and end date.  Unlike small team services, the project team roles frequently contribute separately to multiple work-streams within the overall program.  Each role has a set of responsibilities, whereas our small teams service typically have a defined set of objectives applicable to the whole team.  Project team members have defined roles within a program in contrast to the small team approach which identifies set of shared objectives for the entire team.

Customer tools

Important steps to undertake prior to engaging a small team

  • Identify the body of work needing to be accomplished
  • Compare the pros/cons of a small teams vs. multiple independent contractors


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