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1. Prepare the Team

2. Make a Vision Statement

3. Find Business Opportunity

4. Define Scope

5. List Cost and Benefit

6. Quantify Cost and Benefit

7. Clarify the Objectives

8. Give the Project a Name

9. Adopt a Methodology and Team Process

10. Create a List of Project Goals

11. Identify the Stakeholders

12. Make a Communication Plan

13. Make a Project Plan

14. Get Management Approval

15. Discover the Issues

16. Create a Contingency Plan

17. Learn About the People

18. List Main Features of the Change

19. Make a Marketing Plan

20. Make a Supply Chain/Logistics Plan

21. Get More People on the Team

22. Outline Business Processes

23. Draft User Wish List

24. Coordinate Departments

25. Promote the Project

26. List Basic Job Functions

27. Identify Job Relationships

28. Make a Prototype

29. Draft Job Descriptions

30. Design Celebrations and Symbols

31. Try out the Prototype

32. Find Organization Design Opportunity

33. Write Procedures and Policies

34. Demonstrate the Change

35. Advertise Test Results

36. Draft Training Material

37. Define Training Program

38. Make a Scorecard

39. Counsel the Stakeholder Groups

40. Identify Human Resource Programs

41. Finalize Training Material

42. Make Job Aids

43. Keep up the Communication

44. Get Approval to Implement

45. Deliver Training

46. Put in Procedures

47. Provide Follow‐up Support

48. Monitor the Change

49. Examine Business Results

50. Have a Celebration

51. Respond to Organization Transition Issues

50. Have a Celebration

51. Respond to Organization Transition Issues

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