The importance of a compelling change vision statement

This blog has discussed how important employee buy-in, from all levels of an organization, is to successful change management. If team members are excluded from conversations surrounding the need for change and are simply asked to alter their existing processes with little or no explanation, resistance can endanger the transition to a more competitive company.

This is why making a strong and effective vision statement is so crucial. A vision statement can serve as a starting point for future communication, and remind team members of how their efforts relate to larger organizational goals. A well-crafted vision statement can also aid decision-making and provide a clear picture of the organization's definition of success. 

The vision for the future of an organization needs to be robust and remain relevant for years to come. Market trends can come and go and new technologies can rise and fall, but the vision statement must remain applicable. This is why it is important to think long-term when drafting a vision statement: Your statement must reflect what you provide your clients or customers, and not simply current trends. Take for example Twitter's vision statement, "To be the pulse of the planet." There is no mention of the internet, tweets or social media, as these are subject to change, but the service Twitter provides, information, remains constant. 

When drafting your vision statement to drive change, it is important to keep in mind that professionals with different roles have varying opinions on the key services of an organization. This is why it is important to include a wide range of professionals, from the c-suite to employees on the production floor, in brain-storming sessions. Remember, do not start by focusing on specific phrasing — instead, attempt to gain a consensus on the general content and direction. 

A well-crafted vision statement can help reduce resistance to change efforts and better define where your organization should be heading. Organizational change management consulting can help ensure your company has a statement that will motivate and guide your teams for years to come.