Is your company’s culture ‘change ready’?

The ever-increasing pace of change in modern markets means that today's leaders must be able to take the organization in a new direction swiftly and decisively when the need arrives. However, each organization is unique. There is no universal solution to implementing a successful or seamless change, and this can make preparations difficult.

A company's structure, size, vision, culture and business needs all play a role in determining the change management strategy. These factors must be considered carefully before the transition can move forward. Organizations should strive to remain "change ready," or regularly consider the best means of aligning their company with the pace of change in their industry.

There is a long list of organizations that wrongfully believed their competitive edge would never grow dull: Blockbuster, Borders and Kodak all failed to evolve alongside the needs of their customers, and today serve as a lesson to the importance of remaining agile and driving innovation.

Just as technology has experienced rapid evolution in recent years, so hasn't the discipline of change management. While once efforts were approached ad-hoc and teams were thrown into a "sink-or-swim" scenario when new directives were handed down by management, numerous studies and experienced experts are now available to mitigate risks poised in change efforts

Building a "change ready" culture requires clear channels of communication and flexibility on the part of management. Today, new challenges and competitors can arrive unexpectedly, making it essential to have organizational change management strategies prepared in advance. As the energy industry has recently witnessed, market conditions can change dramatically in just a few short months. Being ready for change and retaining organizational development consulting helps ensure that your organization will adapt successfully.