How change management can help realize organizational goals

Although 2015 has certainly arrived with numerous challenges for the energy industry, in the form of both slipping prices and increased regulation, there are opportunities for organizations that can increase their operational efficiency. Market conditions have squeezed many oil drilling companies' margins, making it necessary to restructure existing processes to weather the current slump. 

However, teams need to understand the motivation for changes, and how they can contribute to their employer's continued success. This requires considerable planning and foresight to ensure that all personnel understand how their daily operations will be impacted by change, and are excited about the prospect, rather than resistant. 

Pursuing change management consulting can supply the following benefits:

  • Provide a detailed change strategy: To be effective, change efforts need to be carefully planned and executed. Outlining the benefits of the change before implementation can help reduce resistance and motivate teams to adopt new processes. 
  • Manage costs of change: When change efforts are pursued without experienced foresight, they take longer and can become more expensive. Organizational development consulting helps control these costs. 
  • Minimum impact on productivity: Operational effectiveness and efficiency is maintained or improved with the proper approach. 

By carefully reviewing existing processes for inefficiencies and including all levels of an organization in the planning stages, organizations can limit their exposure to negative market influences. Just like in the wild oil market swings of the 1980s, companies that are able to successfully weather the existing price slump will emerge more streamlined and competitive. Having experienced change management experts on your side will help your company anticipate challenges and respond effectively.