Getting management to commit to change efforts

Like any initiative within an organization, change efforts need the support of management to find success. This can be difficult, especially if some managers were left out of the discussions leading up to the decision to pursue change. After all, change is often viewed as a threat when proposed by others, but seen as an opportunity by those involved. 

To get management involved and committed to organizational change management, they need to be shown the advantages of change. Those tasked with leading the effort need to answer the key questions on the minds of management, which include:

  • What do I gain? While many of the benefits of change, especially a culture shift, may be abstract, it is important to provide clear examples of how management will benefit. 
  • What do I lose? The majority of the resistance to change results from fear of loss: loss of influence, loss of responsibilities or loss of certain assets. Addressing these fears early in the process can reassure management and help encourage them to take a more positive view of change.
  • What role can I play? Finally, most managers want to know that they have a voice in shaping the future of their organization. Invite them to strategy meetings and be sure to keep a line of communication open to receive feedback or criticism. 

Remember, it is natural to receive some pushback when asking others to move away from their comfort zone. However, resistance is reduced if teams understand where they are headed, and the benefits they will receive upon reaching the destination. 

Seeking change management consulting can help ensure that teams are aligned to the new vision of your organization, and that change is pursued in a cost-effective and successful manner.