51. Respond to Organization Transition Issues

Overview: Information gathered in certain areas of operation in the organization will determine if any action is necessary to address organizational issues. Develop a list of possible actions to take.

Considerations: Observe the environment after a transition effort has been implemented. Ask questions such as “Is the organizational structure working?” Small adjustments to the organization design may be appropriate. Is there someone in the impacted stakeholder group who can shed light on how well the transition has worked? What lessons learned can be applied to other groups that haven’t yet been impacted?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task suggests small adjustments to distribution of work across the impacted organization.”
  • Observe the environment of business units after transition has been implemented. Look for effectiveness of leadership, effectiveness of communication, and organizational restraints that cause confusion.
  • Determine if action is warranted to adjust organizational structure.
  • List possible actions.
  • Provide management with the results of this task, even if no further action is required.

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