50. Have a Celebration

Overview: This task encourages formal planning for change initiative celebrations. Celebrations are important. The celebration itself is designed to reinforce positive aspects of the change. It is an opportunity to publicly commend people who have actively helped bring about success. It takes on many forms. Creativity and good planning make this task a significant part of the overall initiative.

Considerations: Plan. Be creative. Be appropriate. Be professional. Be fun. Be interesting. Be fair. A celebration does not have to be a big blowout, but it should be commensurate with the magnitude of the change. Celebrations tend to set a precedent for future expectations. There is potential risk in both under-doing and over-doing a celebration.

This is a great opportunity to enlist a broader group of participants. Who might be great at leading and coordinating this event?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task includes monitoring that team leaders comply with the standards previously established for celebrations.”
  • Plan and get ideas for this task well in advance. Confirm a budget.
  • Get some creative ideas on the table. A celebration might not be a single event; it might last throughout the week; it might resemble a party or something entirely different.
  • Confirm that everyone involved with the change has an opportunity to participate in the celebration.
  • Use the change initiative name in the celebration theme or incorporate some aspect of the change into the celebration itself.
  • Include stakeholder participants in planning and coordinating the event.
  • Recognize significant and special contributors to the change.

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