49. Examine Business Results

Overview: This task summarizes business results of an effort even as changes are still being evaluated and fine-tuned after implementation. Communicating the results re-emphasizes the link between the vision and the results. This task corresponds to the end of a major phase in the project.

Considerations: Communicate both positive and negative results while supporting the change(s) currently taking place. The messages should encourage employees to initiate new change and support ongoing improvement. Who is interested in the business results? Why are these results important to know?


  • Review the communication plan, project objectives and goals.
  • Update plan to include information about how the success of the change initiative is being evaluated.
  • Identify significant aspects associated with the change (both positive and negative).
  • Communicate to stakeholders both positive and negative results.
  • Communicate to stakeholders: support for the change(s) currently taking place.

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