48. Monitor the Change

Overview: This task quantifies process improvement due to specific change initiatives. Examples of improvements realized from process and procedural changes include productivity gains, efficiency improvement, levels of effectiveness, and increased quality. Perform this task to verify the level of success due to a process change.

Considerations: Each change initiative has Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These factors are used to quantify success levels of the change. Are there convenient ways to gather the metrics that are already in-place? Who is in the best position to contribute data in an on-going manner?


  • Identify KPIs for the transition initiative. Identify overall KPIs for measuring the productivity and performance of the business processes.
  • Monitor the business processes based on the KPIs as a function of time.
  • Watch for trends in the data.
  • Maintain a proactive watch on the data and respond before minimum threshold values are approached.

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