47. Provide Follow-up Support

Overview: This task provides support to make sure change initiative is successful. Follow-up support is flexible and is offered in many different forms. Follow-up support is offered until no longer needed. This task measures that the full potential value is being met, along with extra support where it is needed.

Considerations: Follow-up support may be needed immediately or anytime after the change initiative is implemented. Feedback from stakeholders should be continuously monitored to assess if follow-up support is needed. Who should be responsible for collecting follow-up support feedback? Who should be responsible for providing the actual support? Does this need to be communicated?


  • Gain feedback from stakeholders through interviews, observations, questionnaires, etc.
  • Assess areas needing follow-up support.
  • Arrange follow-up support.
  • Decide how to monitor success of follow-up support.
  • Provide follow-up support until no longer necessary.

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