44. Get Approval to Implement

Overview: The actual implementation of a project is more costly than the earlier stages of simply getting a project started, or conceptualizing the idea. This task further establishes management commitment. Management approval provides support for moving forward and implementing the change initiatives. This authorization extends beyond the more esoteric agreement that a particular outcome would be a “good thing.” Management approval is formally communicated to the stakeholders.

Considerations: Visible and deliberate public commitment by management to implement the transition creates support from stakeholders. Use management commitment to engage the stakeholders. In addition to the sponsor, who is seen as highly credible to the major stakeholder groups? Who must be included as a sponsor and as having commitment in order to get the project moved forward? Who might be a roadblock at a later time that can be enlisted now, instead of later?


  • Work with key managers and executives in small groups or through individual discussions.
  • Summarize the activity to-date, planned activity, objectives, cost, benefit, risk, and alternatives.
  • Secure management agreement to formally communicate support for the change to stakeholders.
  • Provide support to management and executives as necessary to facilitate communication.

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