43. Keep up the Communication

Overview: Communication remains a significant part of successful change. This task ensures communication efforts are continued even after the change has been implemented. Collecting feedback from stakeholder groups is an important part of this task.

Considerations: Provisions must be made to allow the Project Team to respond to issues unearthed in this task. Not all issues have to be immediately addressed. However, all issues must be fixed, explained to satisfaction, or guaranteed to be addressed by some future time. Who is best equipped to quickly get answers compiled for questions that arise?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task is an update to the original communication plan based on new information that will be analyzed.”
  • Define and clarify the extent to which the Project Team has the authority to respond to potential issues.
  • Use informal data gathering techniques to document the general attitudes and feelings of the stakeholder groups.
  • Design and use more formal data gathering devices such as a project suggestion box, a project bulletin board.
  • Compile direct and indirect information. Format the information to be distributed to the stakeholder groups.
  • Create a response to each issue. Include some good news and facts/figures to include with the response. Publish issues and responses.
  • Consider using creative ways to communicate project success, statistics, progress, and status. Provide timely updates to the information.

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