41. Finalize Training Material

Overview: Final versions of all training materials are produced. Materials are packaged and made ready for delivery.

Considerations: If possible, use the organization’s internal print shop organization to lead the final packaging effort. The quantity of training materials needed should be considered. Packaging cost should be approved. Who should be responsible for accomplishing this task, and then delivering the materials to the final destination?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task will produce the final training material to be used. Make sure you understand what this is, and how much it will cost so we can move forward.”
  • Make sure subject matter experts (SME) have reviewed final draft of training materials.
  • Obtain management approval of packaging and training technique.
  • Reconfirm number of persons to be trained and proposed training calendar.
  • Make sure provisions are made for training materials to be duplicated for future needs.
  • Distribute materials to appropriate locations. Make special provisions materials that must be delivered to remote locations.

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