40. Identify Human Resource Programs

Overview: This task identifies HR programs supporting the change initiative. HR experts are informed of changes taking place. HR is consulted and included in the development of new programs to accommodate change initiatives. Changes in HR processes can be complex; e.g., forecast, recruit, develop, evaluate, reward, progress, retain, and retire.

Considerations: Accommodation of human resource issues is crucial to the change process. By answering questions such as, “Will the system meet both organizational and employee needs?” this task can link the culture of organization with change. Job design experts and Human Resource experts are recommended to perform this task. How can HR programs support new employee behaviors?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task makes sure the project complies with any applicable Human Resources requirements we might not otherwise know about.”
  • Reach agreement regarding the need to address HR issues.
  • Recruiting
  • New hire training
  • Compensation
  • Bonus and other awards programs
  • Career paths
  • Performance reviews
  • Promotions
  • Job sharing, job enrichment
  • Separation and severance
  • Use the organization’s HR tools as they are available.
  • Work with the experts to design appropriate programs. For example, consider areas such as performance appraisal, compensation, and recruiting.

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