36. Draft Training Material

Overview: This task sets the standards used for training material. The training technique is finalized (e.g. instructor led, self-paced). The training material packaging options are identified. Use subject matter experts and the training department to assist in determining content and structure. This task includes confirmation of training development cost, training delivery cost, and training support cost. Timelines and schedules should be reviewed and confirmed at this point.

Considerations: Training material standards should be finalized and approved before development begins. Training techniques should be based on audience size and curriculum content. Training content should specifically address the learning and performance objectives. Should corporate communications be involved to review the templates? Are the experts on the team with the development tools that will be used? Can administrative support be enlisted to assist with this effort?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task only produces a draft. By making a first draft, we can fine tune the material to meet the specific needs better.”
  • Schedule meeting with training experts to determine training technique, discuss package options, establish standards for training material, agree on delivery deadlines, make sample document.
  • Make sure to comply with any branding requirements, such as use of the company logo.
  • Make sure there is adequate access to subject matter experts for defining content.
  • Review development status of this task with the training experts and management.
  • Provide drafted copies to management for review and approval.

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