35. Advertise Test Results

Overview: This task provides an opportunity for the project team to recognize the efforts of participating testers. Also, the task conveys the status of the project to stakeholder groups and management.

Considerations: Straight-talk is important. Some issues identified through the testing process may not be addressed in the ultimate rollout. Describe reasons why issues deemed significant are not being addressed. When done well, this task builds confidence among the stakeholder groups. Who will want to know about the test results? To what level of detail should the test results be revealed? Why will the various groups be interested in the test results? Are there any concerns that are directly addressed by the test results? Will any groups have new questions that come out of the testing process?


  • Note to Farmers and Scientists – advertising and promoting a project are important. Still, advertising is only part of the important communication that must take place. Do not mistake advertising as a substitute for communication planning.
  • Review the overall communication strategy. Review results from the prototype testing.
  • Determine the most appropriate way to communicate test results. For large changes, more than one media type may be appropriate.
  • Craft the messages tactfully, graciously, and honestly. Consider the following outline as a starting point (for a report): (1) Overview of change project (2) Prototype test overview (3) General outcome of test (4) The next step (5) Acknowledgments and thank you.
  • Enlist others to review the memo or report for content and grammar.
  • Publish and distribute the report, memo, or other communication.

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