33. Write Procedures and Policies

Overview: This task provides employees with clear instructions or documentation of procedures and processes. Employees gain specific knowledge of how to perform new or refined processes. New workflows are documented.

Considerations: Procedure documentation can create confusion. Use a standard format. Procedure writing can be quite involved. It is important to get a skilled and experienced people in procedures documentation to help with this task. Who has experience in procedure writing?


  • Confirm that all documentation will clarify new or refined processes.
  • Decide on a format for how procedures will be developed.
  • Set standards for how procedures will be developed.
  • With SME help, gather insight on how the process will be done.
  • Draft the procedure in standard format.
  • Conduct a pilot test to examine how well procedures work.
  • Make any necessary revisions resulting from pilot test.
  • Secure management approval for publishing and distributing procedure.

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