29. Draft Job Descriptions

Overview: This task identifies crucial skills, abilities, and behaviors needed to perform a job. Key Performance Indicators are identified for each job or role. Final drafts are consistent with organization job description standards.

Considerations: Job descriptions are specific. Care must be taken to consider all important activities and skills. New job descriptions may require new workspace, new performance appraisal system, or new work force structure. All of these areas must be aligned with the vision, the organizational structure, and the target culture. Job design experts and Human Resource experts should help in this task. Who can be enlisted to lead this task?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task writes out the job description for key roles.”
  • Identify job to be described. Review results from previous analysis.
  • Confirm activities performed and skills required.
  • For new jobs, list activities, competencies and skills required.
  • Get feedback from a job design expert.
  • Make necessary revisions.
  • Design/develop key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Get approval of key performance from management.
  • Publish description in a format consistent with organization standards.

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