27. Identify Job Relationships

Overview: Job relationships for business units are described and analyzed. Suggestions are made for realignment of organizational structure. This task can be complex. Involvement of Human Resources and job design experts may be required.

Considerations: An inappropriate organization structure creates conflict and confusion among units and members, poor resource utilization, and ineffective work environments. Appropriate structure provides role clarity, efficient resource utilization, appropriate flexibility, and effective communication. Who would be resistant to altering the structure?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task makes sure the appropriate amount of supervision is in place within the organization for all the key processes.”
  • Consider requirements in place related to a unionized workforce and comply with those requirements, if applicable.
  • Assess job relationships for business units. Consider these factors: role clarity, resource utilization, and inefficiencies.
  • Identify existing methods of communication between job types. Ensure effective communication principals are identified for all jobs.
  • Identify horizontal organization of the business unit. Horizontal components usually equate to business processes. Consider autonomy, coordination between jobs, and culture.
  • Identify vertical organization of the business unit. Vertical design focuses on aligning people to perform management processes such as planning, communication, and allocation.
  • Use job design experts to approve work done in this task.

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