26. List Basic Job Functions

Overview: This task summarizes functions and responsibilities of a new job or an altered role. It is also used to update or modify the responsibilities of an existing job. Subject Matter Experts are required to participate in this task. This task involves identification of job (or role) objectives, functions, responsibilities, and authority.

Considerations: Enlist HR professionals for this task. Factor-in organization goals when determining basic job functions. Job attributes need to be considered. Examples include degree of autonomy, meaningfulness of work, employee empowerment, vertical and horizontal responsibilities. Example job design strategies include job simplification, job growth, job enrichment, and autonomous work groups. Who is an expert in this area?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task lists the jobs impacted by the changes, and identifies differences between jobs that sound the same but may not actually be the same.”
  • Enlist Human Resources, or a job design expert to lead this process.
  • Determine what the job is to accomplish, the job objectives.
  • Draft an overview of the basic job functions.
  • Obtain management approval.

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