25. Promote the Project

Overview: Advertising the project informs stakeholders of upcoming change. This task decides what phase (time) of the project will be appropriate to introduce the project to the stakeholders. Advertising the project may also create anticipation or generate stakeholder interest.

Considerations: Promotion of an upcoming project can be creative or simple. Choose the form of advertising to fit the needs, budget, and project. Advertisement should be thoughtfully timed and it sets the tone for future communication. Advertising’s aim here is to introduce an idea and establish appropriate expectations. Expect the advertising to provoke reaction, both positive and negative. This task is coordinated with and becomes part of the communication plan. Who needs to know about the initiative? Why would this group care, or be interested?


  • Note to Farmers and Scientists – advertising and promoting a project are important. Still, advertising is only part of the important communication that must take place.
  • Avoid the mistaken assumption that advertising (telling about the initiative) is sufficient for the needed communication.
  • Use normal existing communication for this task when possible.
  • Select the best way to effectively reach stakeholders.
  • Use multiple channels such as email, voice mail, and through management structures, if necessary.
  • Consider the expectations that advertising will create and make sure that the form of advertising chosen meets those expectations.
  • Gain management approval of the advertising method chosen and the content to distribute.
  • Secure an executive sponsor or other business leader to make the initial announcement.
  • Limit the initial announcements to groups who might care about the subject.
  • Advertise the opportunity to the appropriate groups.
  • Collect, process, and respond to feedback.

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