24. Coordinate Departments

Overview: This task makes sure all departments involved with the change initiative are ready for and aware of the change. Change initiative leader helps the business experts and leaders develop realistic timelines and estimates. All participating departments are integrated. Department coordination and participation are crucial to the success of the project plan.

Considerations: Miscommunication can easily occur between groups. Make sure clear lines of communication are open. Consistently scheduled brief meetings are a good way to be sure information is being communicated on time and to the right people. Groups may want to appoint one person to be their representative for the project. Who is a good communication liaison for the effort? To what degree should managers and supervisors be used to provide this function?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task leverages the talent within the organization to accelerate the process.”
  • Identify all functional areas involved with implementing the change initiative; e.g., Training, Systems, and Human Resources.
  • Contact these areas and schedule a meeting to discuss their role(s), availability, schedule, and concerns. Ask participants to identify any conflicts that might arise as a result of the project.
  • As a group, agree upon how each group will integrate with all others involved in the change initiative.
  • Help each group develop a schedule or timeline that fits into the project as a whole.
  • Update the project work plan to include the new timing estimates.

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