23. Draft User Wish List

Overview: This task promotes cooperation between systems development personnel and the user community, or between process designers and the business functions being impacted. Blending ideas improves the overall business solution. Systems personnel are more confident in the approach chosen. Process designers become more deeply familiar with the purpose and nature of the work. Impacted personnel and computer users are less resistant upon actual delivery of the system or new process.

Considerations: Systems development efforts especially should include active participation from multiple disciplines. New business process improvements and organizational changes need to also include appropriate business representatives. Management and staff of each stakeholder group should be represented in this task. Who needs to be involved in the design and early discussions? Who would have some creative ideas that are “stretch ideas” to go on a “wish list”?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task may find additional good ideas that can be incorporated at low-cost or no-cost.”
  • Identify individuals from each stakeholder group to participate.
  • Construct explanations and diagrams of the proposed technical changes in approachable terms. Avoid technical jargon and diagrams.
  • Conduct explanation and idea generation sessions with various groups of the users. Document all suggestions and ideas.
  • Evaluate the ideas in terms of the business benefit. Consider the human, organizational, and business process aspects of each idea. Involve appropriate departments.
  • Prepare a summary report of all suggestions. Describe and clarify more the ideas to be pursued. Explain why some ideas will not be pursued in this change initiative.

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