22. Outline Business Processes

Overview: Current processes are reviewed and refined. New processes are determined where necessary. A high level outline of new procedures and processes is drafted. Processes and policies are aligned with the organization.

Considerations: Processes, procedures, and policies have a major impact on organizational effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to make sure the processes and organization work together. Use a combination of Human Resource experts, systems experts, and functional experts to help in this task.


  • Review current processes.
  • Identify processes for improvement.
  • Get a Subject Matter Expert to help with content of procedures.
  • Identify what the final outcome of the process is.
  • Identify the first and last steps associated with the process.
  • List all major steps required to complete the process (assume no exceptions occur).
  • List steps that have potential exceptions and their resolution.
  • Document and publish the process.

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