11. Identify the Stakeholders

Overview: All groups of people affected by the change initiative are identified and described. Skills and ability may be assessed. The culture might be evaluated and documented.

Considerations: Prior training and experience of stakeholders should be considered. The stakeholder reaction to any change initiative determines the success of the project. Who will be concerned or interested?


  • State to the Farmers and Scientists “This task identifies the specific communication needs and possible business concerns of the impacted groups related to the project.”
  • Identify all persons affected by the change initiative.
  • Make a list of stakeholders.
  • Organize names in a spreadsheet or similar tool with contact information such as phone number, office location, and email address.
  • Identify skills or other pertinent information related to each stakeholder group.
  • Brainstorm why each stakeholder group should be interested in the change – and why there might be hesitancy among the group for becoming engaged with the change.
  • Determine prior training and experience of stakeholders to the degree this is important to the change.
  • Determine other obstacles related to each group that might get in the way of communicating with the group, or prevent collecting feedback from the group.

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