10. Create a List of Project Goals

Overview: This task is required for all change initiatives. A set of goals is documented that specifically apply to the initiative. At least two and typically no more than five goals are created.

Considerations: Project goals should be clearly stated, measurable, and specific. Goals should be attainable and appropriate and should be constantly referred to for clarification and direction. Use goals to manage project expectations up front. Make sure key business personnel from all levels are included in this task. Who can review the drafted objectives to identify if they are written with clarity? Why are the goals important? Who might view the goals as encroaching on their turf? Who would benefit if the goals were achieved? Within the organization, are there any groups that would reject the goals?


  • Review the characteristics of a well-written project goal: Who will achieve the goal, what action will be taken, what the measurable key result will be, and what the target date is for completion.
  • Review the project opportunity statement and any project objectives previously written.
  • Brainstorm ideas for goals.
  • Arrange ideas in common categories and combine related goals.
  • Record goals using a bullet point approach stated as an action, e.g., “This project will increase customer service level by…”
  • Reach consensus and commitment.
  • Provide all persons involved with a copy of completed goals.

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