01. Prepare the Team

Overview: Prepare selected business participants and project team members in the use of a structured transition framework. Transition leaders and team members are prepared to lead change efforts. If a consulting organization is enlisted to work with the team members, the firm’s methodology should be used to train team members.

Considerations: For large initiatives, training is highly recommended for key team members. All transition team members should be exposed to general “change” concepts. For large-scale initiatives, active engagement by experienced transformation practitioners is important. Who should be on the team? Are there some who do not need to be on the initial team, but may be important later?


  • Identify Change Agents (Change Agents are described in Part 8 of this book) and form a team.
  • Identify skill gaps with business personnel and project staff.
  • Gather training material available to address the gaps (use the consulting firm’s methodology if a firm is engaged).
  • Identify a methodology to use, and discuss how to best use it.
  • Create an electronic filing and tracking system for the effort. (Web-based collaboration tools are becoming increasingly useful for this purpose).
  • Distribute basic information and training to team members.
  • Conduct brainstorm session with team about how best to organize the work.
  • Conduct a status meeting with executive management prior to a more robust launch of the effort.

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