Public Administration


  • Executive, Legislative, Other General Government Support
  • Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities
  • Administration of Human Resource Programs
  • Administration of Environmental Quality Programs
  • Administration of Housing Programs
  • Administration of Economic Programs
  • Space Research and Technology
  • National Security and International Affairs

The public sector is the part of economic and administrative life dealing with delivery of goods and services by and for the government, whether national, regional or local/municipal.

Examples of public sector activity range from delivering social security, administering urban planning and organizing national defenses.

The organization of the public sector can take several forms, including: direct administration, and publicly owned corporations.

Direct administration groups are funded through taxation; the delivering organization generally has no specific requirement to meet commercial success criteria, and production decisions are determined by government.

Publicly owned corporations differ from direct administration in that they have greater commercial freedoms and are expected to operate according to commercial criteria.

Emerging attention is being given to the aging workforce within this sector, similar to manufacturing and energy sectors.

Among the highly visible organizations is NASA. Its ongoing investigations include in-depth surveys of Mars and Saturn and studies of the Earth and the Sun. Other NASA spacecraft are presently en route to Mercury and Pluto. With missions to Jupiter in planning stages, NASA’s itinerary covers over half the solar system.

Ideals, aspirations, safety, security and similar important human emotions are provided for by the public sector entities.

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