Entertainment and Information


  • Traditional Publishing
  • Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries
  • Traditional Radio/TV Broadcasting
  • Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Web Search Portals, Data Processing Services
  • Other Information Services

Publishing includes the process of production and dissemination of literature or information. Increasingly enabled by new technology, authors and content developers may become their own publishers.

Publishing phases can be described as content development, content acquisition, copyediting, graphic design, production – printing (and its electronic equivalents), and subsequent marketing and distribution.

New media (the Internet, in particular) has enabled many new forms of interaction and content delivery directly to end-consumers, without the traditional processes.

Combinations of telecommunication, media groups, and internet provides offers up the consumer of information and entertainment a variety of choices (for delivery and consumption).

Whereas somewhat static for decades, the media industry segment evolves with new entrants and new ideas each six months.

Unlike manufacturing, energy, and public sector industries, the media/entertainment and information industry segment provides a highly attractive career path for newly minted college graduates. However, if the other industries suffer difficulty in recruiting talent, this industry segment suffers from continual change and requires significant investment in training to remain competitive.

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