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Strategic staffing provides highly seasoned service professionals for their specific expertise.  Our network of former partners, principals, senior managers and managers from tier-I organizations accelerates the process.  We match the right expertise for your need, at a competitively appropriate negotiated rate.  Strategic staffing services may range from one week, to part-time for several weeks, through full-time for several months.

Alternatives to our strategic staffing services are single-shingle shops and the big-firms.

  • Individual contributors of this caliber are sometimes called a “single shingle shop”.   Tens of thousands single-shingles exist at varying levels of quality and pricing.
  • Enlisting consultants at this level through the big firms require the client to buy a full team – big firm business models do not provide consultants at this level as individual contributors.  If you want the big-gun from the big firm, expect to cut a big check for the big team also.
Examples of strategic staffing

Our difference lies in our network.  Some of the very best delivery consultants dislike the selling process.  They are brilliant at what they do, but doing this on their own requires them to be selling the next job while they work on yours.  The same is true with big firms.  As consultants climb higher up in the big firms – they are required to sell work.   Our business model is different from both of these.  We maintain exceptionally low overhead while we market (sell) the work on behalf of these highly experienced delivery consultants.

It is here with our strategic staffing services that our tag line rings loud and true.

same smart people – half the cost(tm).

Contrast this approach

vs. staff augmentation  Strategic staffing provides deep expertise and specialization in a targeted area of need.  Staff augmentation tends to be more of a generalized type of role.  Another way of contrasting the two is by looking at the various job title levels in the big firms.  Analysts, consultants and senior consultants at a big firms are similar to our staff augmentation services.  Manager and above have the type of expertise we would generally consider as strategic staffing. Specialist level expertise vs generalist level capabilities.

vs.  Strategic staffing is typically delivered at the client location.  However, some strategic staffing needs might provide for virtual work.  In those instances, services may be a viable alternative  On location vs virtual.  

Customer tools

Important steps to undertake prior to investing in staff augmentation

  • Evaluate a broad-opportunity area or area of risk
  • Consider drafting a role charter
  • Prepare for interviewing three to four candidates
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