Interim Leaders


Interim leader services provides exceptionally highly qualified business leaders into crucial business leadership roles for an interim period of time.  Our network of former partners, principals, senior managers and managers from tier-I organizations provides a wealth of client choice in a minimum amount of time.  Because many in our network have both service experience and industry experience, we quickly identify top-choice fits for your need.  Interim leadership roles may range from only a few months to beyond a year.

Examples of interim leadership services
  • Interim Treasurer
  • Interim CFO
  • Interim CIO
  • Interim HR Director
Contrast this approach

vs. strategic staffing Interim leadership services provides a bridge during a gap in time while searching for a permanent executive.  While the pool of candidates in our network are essentially the same as for strategic staffing services, the level of coordination with HR is typically elevated in these situations.  Our services provide collaboration with retained search firms when appropriate.  Interim leadership roles require even additional scrutiny compared to strategic staffing services.

Customer tools

Important steps to undertake prior to considering interim leadership services

  • Collaborate with HR and other executives
  • Explore internal alternatives
  • Estimate the likely time frame required to identify the permanent candidate

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