With change management, ‘culture is everything’

After taking over the role of CEO for IBM, Lou Gerstner performed one of the most successful business transformations in history. He focused his attention on simplifying the massive organization for speed and execution and reducing the massive gridlock that was hindering innovation. When later asked what he learned from the experience, he replied "culture is everything," Strategy-Business.com reports

Too often, during times of transformation it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important within an organization. In a survey of 2,200 global businesspeople performed by the Katzenbach Center, 84 percent of respondents said that the organization's culture was "critical to the success of change management," while an unsettling 76 percent reported that executives failed to "take account of the existing culture when designing the transformation effort."

This disparity shows that there is real problem with how most organizations approach change. The survey shows how most professionals agree that the company's culture must first be addressed before changes in actions and process can take root.

Organizational change management is too often performed by executives who view "office culture" as little more than the latest buzzword, or as a luxury that an organization already facing a significant challenge cannot afford to address. In both these cases, an organizational development consultant should be utilized to ensure that any change enacted does not clash with the organization's culture and will be successful. 

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