Todd Staples likely to become next head of the Texas Oil and Gas Association

The Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) is the Lone Star state's largest gas and petroleum industry group, and is charged with addressing issues of government regulation and taxation. It currently consists of roughly 5,000 members, from minor organizations to major industry players. According to its site, members account for over 90 percent of all oil and natural gas produced in Texas.

It is currently a crucial period in TXOGA's history, as the state's oil boom has caused many environmental groups to call for increased regulation, especially on the emission of methane gases and water quality concerns. The Texas Tribune has reported that the TXOGA is electing to undergo a change in leadership, with Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples to take the helm. 

"Staples would take over at a time of historic growth in oil and gas production. Spurred by technological advances like hydraulic fracturing, Texas has reached production numbers unseen in more than three decades, helping the state's Rainy Day Fund grow to $8 billion," the Tribune wrote. "The industry has also drawn increased scrutiny from those who have raised concerns about the industry's impact on the environment, public health and local infrastructure."

Staples will replace current head Rob Looney, who recently announced his departure from the organization after 26 years of service. Staples will bring his experience as a former state lawmaker, business owner and property tax consultant to the TXOGA.

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