The power of small adjustments to greatly improve efficiency

It can be frustrating to sacrifice personal time, work long hours and still not see the desired results from your organization. If it seems that you are regularly putting out fires and trying to address multiple issues at once, it could be time to review your problem solving process.

According to the results of a Stanford University study, you may be trying to accomplish too much at once.  The study found that multi-tasking is less productive that single-tasking and that many self-proclaimed multi-taskers have difficulty filtering out irrelevant information, further diminishing their performance. This can result in unhappy clients, increased costs and missed deadlines. If you currently self-identify as a multi-tasker, it could be time to retain the services of a business management consultant to help you reach organizational goals.

It is critical to perform a regular investigation of processes to ensure that all are streamlined to the way that you and your staff operate. Understanding the role of each employee and what their motivations are is key to developing new processes that move the organization in a positive direction. 

Xbig6 works with companies to design operational structures that optimize productivity through a combination of people, processes and technology solutions. While strategic direction comes from the top, without insight to all levels of the organization, making effective decisions is a challenge. That is why Xbig6 works collaboratively with our clients, encouraging integration among departments or divisions throughout the enterprise.

Informed organizations are able to maximize use of their assets, including reducing inefficiencies in production systems and fostering workforce optimization. Xbig6 offers a variety of approaches, including Lean Six Sigma: by increasing communication and fostering engagement from the shop floor to the C-suite, companies can streamline processes up and down the line, eliminating or reducing wasteful processes.