The importance of fostering employee engagement

Part of the benefit of hiring consultants is that they bring the experience of coordinating with and managing various groups of employees to your office. Workers respond in various ways to different leadership styles, and part of a leader's responsibility is to inspire employees' commitment and passion for their assignments. Inspired and engaged employees are more productive, and report higher satisfaction with their work. 

Staff members who feel valued and part of the office culture have higher retention rates, increased productivity and greater motivation to give back to their colleagues, employer and community. According to a study published in Forbes, 78 percent of business leaders rate employee retention and engagement critical to their organization's success.

Creating a high performance work environment is an ongoing process for executives and managers. Making sure your employees feel connected to their job can also ensure they continue to improve at it. Although Forbes ranked pay raises and professional development opportunities as the best forms of recognition, they also found that the more invested an employee is in their work, the less compensation matters. 

"Engaged employees were the least likely to prefer compensation-based recognition, while hostile employees ranked a pay increase, spontaneous cash bonus, and promotion as their top three forms of recognition," according to a report by Quantum Workplace. 

Having the right leadership is perhaps the most important aspect of creating an environment that engages and challenges employees. Workers want to know that their leader is conscious of the issues affecting them, and is working to make the company a better place. The industry experience and managerial techniques offered by Xbig6's consultants provide a powerful answer to many of the most pressing business situations facing our clients.