Texas oil and gas industry adds over 4,000 jobs in single quarter

The famous expression "everything is bigger in Texas" remains true, at least for the state's workforce. Between April and June of this year, oil and gas organizations have gained more than 4,000 new positions in Texas, according to industry news service Rigzone. These figures put the state well in the lead for job creation in the industry, with Louisiana trailing far behind in second place, adding about 600 new oil and gas jobs. Alaska rounded out the top three with 500 new positions. 

The previous quarter's new hires represent an over 60 percent growth over the same period last year, and pushed the total number of new industry positions this quarter to 10,500. 

"In total, looking at the first half of the year, over 20,000 positions in the U.S. were created," Paul Caplan, president of Rigzone, wrote in a release. "Last year at this time, the halfway mark of the year was about 12,600, so we're talking about a substantial increase in the number of, especially, production jobs."

The unemployment rate in Texas is currently significantly below the national average, with the Lone Star State reporting a 5.1 percent rate, and the national average hovering at 6.2 percent. In Midland, Texas, where the oil and gas industry has a strong presence, the unemployment rate is currently as low as 2.9 percent, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. 

As the industry continues to gain significant numbers of new workers with varying degrees of experience, some organizations might recognize the need for oil and gas management consulting to ensure that the new hires make an immediate impact on productivity. Houston management consulting can help ensure that the refreshed workforce is aligned with the organization's strategy and vision, reducing waste and making sure that new hires understand their role.