Small businesses using cloud computing accelerate growth

To remain competitive in today's small-to-midsize business marketplace, organizations need to do more than properly leverage their technology investments. Leadership needs to ensure that all systems are working in harmony, and teams have the secure access to the tools they need. David Levin, CEO and founder of CloudspaceUSA describes this achievement as a business finding its "rhythm."

"A precision machine, working at peak efficiency has a rhythm. So too for people. Athletes thrive when in tune with the rhythm of their sport. Talented musicians create and communicate ideas and feeling with rhythm," Levin explains. "Rhythm… A regular, repeated pattern of sounds, movements, or activities."

CloudspaceUSA, a premier provider of virtual private cloud services, has been helping organizations realize how technology can help them become more consistent,  cost-effective and productive. Levin's vision is to provide small and medium-sized businesses in the Houston area with a secure, reliable and cutting edge computing environment that will help advance their operations and allow them to find their own rhythms He provided the analogy of a business' computer network as its "brain":

"Muscle memory is the key. Rhythm is about the precise triggering of muscle memory communicated across the nervous system. While all companies have some level of muscle memory in the activities they perform, great companies have rhythm. Muscle memory starts in the nervous system. Computer networking is the nervous system of business," he points out. "And cloud computing is the next generation of that nervous system."

 "This next generation nervous system offers significant advantage: Near limitless capacity and complexity, rapidly deployed, no geographic boundaries, and cost effective."

Businesses can now take advantage of cloud computing solutions to tailor their technology infrastructure to their current needs. As the business grows, this allows for more efficient operations, and for owners and stakeholders to realize better profits.