Marathon Oil CEO calls for increased environmental awareness

Marathon Oil Corp. President and CEO Lee Tillman was the keynote speaker for Hart Energy's DUG Eagle Ford Conference earlier this week, where 4,800 oil and gas professionals met to discuss current activity in the area. In his speech, Tillman called for industry stakeholders to address pressing issues such as air quality, water management and road construction and maintenance.

"We must be responsible corporate neighbors and never lose sight of the fact that we're guests in these communities and will be judged by our individual and collective actions," Tillman said. "We as an industry must earn our license to operate each and every day."

The Eagle Ford formation has recently been criticized for unsustainable practices in the rush to access shale. The San Antonio Express-News found that the practice of flaring and venting, where excess oil and gas is burned off, has surged 400 percent since 2012. Eagle Ford flares have released 21 billion cubic feet of gas, 10 times higher than the combined level of the state's other fields. 

In his speech, Tillman addressed these issues, calling for quick and decisive action to reduce the amount of time gas is flared before going into pipelines, as well as to make more efficient use of the water necessary for fracking processes. As the number of drilling sites in the area continues to rise, this issue becomes more pressing. 

For organizations seeking guidance on how to make their processes more efficient while reducing potentially harmful environmental impact, oil field management consulting can often provide the necessary insight needed to move forward. Sustainable practices accomplish more than protecting an organization's image and consumer perception: They also ensure that the current energy boom has a long and prosperous future.