Kinder Morgan consolidates and adjusts strategy

Sometimes, organizations change in order to grow. In other instances, like in the case of Kinder Morgan, a giant in oil and gas infrastructure, organizations change because of how much they've grown.

Kinder Morgan, one of the organizations that pioneered the master limited partnership (MLP) structure, is now exiting the agreement and consolidating its partnerships. The $71 billion deal will result in a single entity that will be traded under the symbol KMI, and produce the largest energy infrastructure organization in North America. The consolidation will also place KMI as the third largest energy company in the US, with an estimated value of $140 billion, according to chairman and CEO Richard Kinder's comments in Power Source.

According to the article, Kinder Morgan has outgrown the MLP, which had grown increasingly complex to maintain and expensive to continue. However, experts explain that this will not be the end of the MLP. 

"This isn't the death of the MLP structure itself," Michael Grande, a director for ratings agency Standard & Poor's, explained to the source. "Companies that are still forming MLPs and spinning off certain parts of their assets into this structure is something we'll see continue."

In fact, the day after Kinder Morgan's announcement, Rice Energy decided to form a MLP with its natural gas pipelines and water distribution assets. 

Whenever a company undergoes a period of transition, it is important that change management consulting be retained to ensure that the changes stick and teams understand the motivation and the effect it will have on their day-to-day processes. Oil and gas strategy consulting is an area that requires extensive industry expertise to protect all organizations involved from unnecessary risk.