Eyes turn to Apple’s new product launch

Recently after finalizing the company's largest acquisition to date, Apple Inc.'s shareholders and critics alike are eagerly anticipating the launch of several new products. 

The company's process has become a guideline for many on the practices required for a successful launch. At Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference, whole industries wait to see what the company will reveal. The ability of its employees to remain secretive about their projects amid such widespread interest has become something of a corporate legend. 

The company has made 24 acquisitions in the past 18 months, adding new technologies in fields such as microLED displays, headphones, analytics, social search and software. The effect of these additions of these new acquisitions will have on the upcoming product launch remains to be seen.

However, each year rumors spread, either disseminated by Apple itself of its large collection of dedicated customers. Anticipation is high after Senior Vice President Eddy Cue boasted to news outlets that the products being revealed later this week are the best he's seen in 25 years. 

Current projections compiled by MarketWatch.com include a home automation platform, the iPhone 6 and perhaps most excitingly, a new line of low-cost devices aimed at college students and young professionals. 

Apple is facing increasing market competition as Google makes headway into the mobile device market, but somehow their new product launches always receive overwhelming media attention. 

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