Executives struggle with knowing when to seek outside help

In these lean economic times, executives are on the hunt for any areas in their business that could be streamlined or reorganized to offer potential savings. According to Forbes, more companies have turned to outside help as a means to manage costs, add flexibility and introduce innovations. 

While contracting the services of a consulting agency is becoming an increasingly popular strategy, many business still struggle with the decision. One particularly common problem businesses face is defining what the consultant's role will be.

Consultants can bring experience and specific expertise that your business may currently lack, which is especially beneficial when starting a new project that requires highly specialized skills. Some tasks, which occur rarely, demand special skill that cannot be learned quickly or easily by staff, and require too much time to implement training. There are a variety of different specialized consultants in fields such as marketing, graphic design or information technology that can be integral in helping your business get through a particularly busy period.

Other companies need help with long-term goals, especially when they are facing new competitors in a changing market. Consultants get to know a company inside and out, and can help pinpoint specific changes a company needs to address to retain market share. Hiring a consultant can also be beneficial during mergers or a change of leadership, to provide temporary oversight and guidance to maintain production.

The deciding factor for most companies comes down to the issue of cost. Many executives may believe that their organization could benefit from an outside perspective, but are turned away by sticker shock. At Xbig6, our consultants are seasoned experts in their field with experience at the top consulting firms in the country. By choosing Xbig6 over competing major consulting organizations, you get the same smart people — at half the cost.