Energy industry faced with labor shortage

According to a study by Manpower, a global workforce solutions company, jobs in the energy industry are expected to nearly double to 3 million by 2020. However, that same study also found 72 percent of energy employers claim the shortage of qualified candidates will impact North American competitiveness in the global market. 

"North America has tremendous potential to grow the energy industry to become a leading global exporter of energy," said Jorge Perez, senior vice president of Manpower to the New York Times. "This would translate into significant positive effects on both the economy and employment, but expansion is dependent on developing talent with more complex skill sets to meet the needs of this high-tech industry."

The average age of today's energy industry worker is 46, with almost two thirds expecting to retire within ten years. The demand for energy-related jobs has been steadily increasing, and the lack of qualified young talent have many industry experts concerned for the fate of the market.

The Manpower report called for stakeholders to come forward and work together to determine short and long-term solutions that will maintain American competitiveness. It also urged educators and industry leaders to promote the value of vocational training, and the importance of STEM teaching. They anticipate that these strategies will help prepare a new, capable generation of energy industry workers that will help develop the country as a global leader in energy production and technology.

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