Effective change management hinges on leadership

Effective change management has become critical for companies that wish to succeed in a dynamic market. With advances in technology taking place at a more rapid pace than ever and consumer demands in almost constant flux,  a company's success can now be measured in how well they adapt to change. 

There are several instances that Forbes points to where change management has become commonplace. A merger, acquisition, rebranding, reorganization, or a reduction-in-force are significant periods in a company's history where change management should be utilized. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on what Forbes considers the most difficult aspect of enacting effective change management—the people. 

Often, a shift in business practices creates issues for staff and management. New leaders are promoted, job descriptions change and employees can naturally react adversely. The uncertainty of change puts many on edge, whether they are concerned about an increased workload or losing their place in the office hierarchy. In order to put these fears to rest, effective change management must begin at the top.

If company leadership does not share the same level of commitment and support of the company's new direction, the transition can quickly encounter roadblocks. In uncertain times, employees look to C-suite executives for support and direction. These high-level professionals become the "change champions" for the entire office, and if they do not have confidence in the company moving forward, this pessimism can quickly spread to employees. 

Xbig6 has an extensive history of helping companies successfully navigate organizational change. Through our network of independent consultants, we offer basic-blocking-and-tackling through leading-edge thinking. The inclusion of an outsider as change leader offers an opportunity to work outside of organizational politics. In other instances, there simply isn't the existing skill set inside of an organization due to capacity constraints or resource allocations. Xbig6 offers the experience and expertise necessary to successfully navigate periods of change, at half the cost of many larger firms.